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The New Beginning

Hi, I’m Steebu.  If you are on this page you are probably wondering where DJ Skratchy is.  You may also be wondering who the hell I am and why I’m writing on here.  Well, Skratchy is about 30,000 ft in the air on his way to San Francisco where he will be spinning at Infusion Lounge tonight.  To unearth the deeper question of who I am may take much longer to answer.  I am a DJ Skratchy groupie and I am unemployed.  Well that didn’t take up much time after all.

Anyway, I am interning here at DJ studios in hopes of securing a full time gig as head writer in this fine establishment.  The goal is to interpret the world, pop culture, and anything in between as I see it.  Also, your boys got mad ideas son!  For example, world renowned artist and well documented douche-bag Justin Bieber has quite a following.  That fan base is known as the “Beliebers”.  In fact, I belieb I have a photo of one such Belieber right here…

“then I saw her face, now I’m a belieber!”

Anyhoo, I belieb as a groupie of DJ Skratchy it is only right that I begin a revolution for he and his fans.  If the Biebs has the “Beliebers” I think it is only fitting that Skratchy has…wait for it…the “Skratchers”.  Hell, I even did a mockup of a potential logo.  Peep game below…


So this is just a taste of the horrendous publishings you can all have the pleasure of looking forward to.  This gig doesn’t pay much (in fact, it only potentially pays for a possible bed at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City in a few weeks), but a noncontributing member of society needs to remain productive somehow.

Name:  Steebu, AKA DJ Steebu, AKA BBOY Steebu, AKA Unofficial Steebu Fan Page

Social Media:  Steebulee (instagram), Man_Dimes_TFST (instagram), Steebu Lee (Facebook)


Peace Out, Skratchers!

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