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My Drake Conundrum

Skratchers…help me.

I’ve had a bipolar relationship with Drake since his debut album Thank Me Later dropped in 2010. I don’t know if I need a Drake intervention, rehab, or if I need to come out of the Drake closet (swag, sus, pause, swerve). Whatever the remedy I’m guessing it’s going to be inevitably emo.  All this came to a head after his great hosting job at this years ESPY’s.

All I have ever know of Drake were his radio hits. Almost always bangers. I will admit right now I have never listened to a full Drake album more than once. I give the man credit for his range, but his range, unfortunately, does not sit too well in my wheelhouse. Don’t get me wrong, this post is not a diss on our friend Aubrey Graham. He’s hit the entertainment holy trinity of acting (wheelchair acting is still acting), rapping/singing, and now comedy. He’s the poor man’s Jaime Foxx. The following meme sums up the Drake enigma pretty well.

Drake the type meme 13

When Aubrey Drake Graham first came on the scene I enjoyed him, then I started to truly dislike him, and now I accept who he is to the hip-hop culture.  I have the same emotional cycle with Lebron James(perhaps a post for another time).  It’s like women synchronizing menstruation cycles.  But, no matter how far Drake may tip me to the positive end of the scale for his efforts I can confidently say I will need to utter Sus, Pause, or No Homo after every listen…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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