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DJ sKratchy: A Day in the Life pt. 1

…or rather, 6 days in the life.


As noted in my previous post, I am an admitted male groupie. Admitted and proud is probably a better description. The last 6 days I was able to take full advantage of that groupie life and followed DJ sKratchy from LA to Atlantic City to New York (by the way, he also managed to toss in a gig in Detroit between all that) which all culminated to the biggest party of the year for Sujit the CEO of S.K.A.M. (Better known as The Indian).

This was my first big trip with sKratchy, and let me tell you fellow sKratchers, he did not disappoint. sKratchy, myself and two other male groupies (Jimmy and Patrick) left early Thursday morning to Burbank airport where we linked up with DJ Eric Dlux who would be on the same flight with us out to Philadelphia. This is where I realized why DJ’s tend to stick with other DJ’s. Not only is there an obvious bond based on common interest in the craft of DJing, they understand the grind and the grueling schedule that we common folk will never understand. While we get to see the glam of the party and bottle poppin’, few will know the behind the scenes dedication put forth to make shows like the ones sKratchy presents seem effortless.

That effort and enthusiasm is what I got to experience and witness as an insider. The hotel driver from the Golden Nugget Hotel in Atlantic City picked us up from the airport and drove us an hour into New Jersey. Skratchy would be spinning at Haven Nightclub that very night.  There’s an interconnected family feel you will notice right away when it comes to DJ’s, hosts, club managers, promotors, etc.   An unspoken understanding of the nightlife keeps them bonded and grounded.

After some  gambling and a pre-birthday dinner for Sujit we were off to Haven for the SKAM artist takeover.  It was Sujits first time attending this venue  and sKratchy and the other DJ’s made sure not to go unrecognized this night.  After alternating several sets with each other sprinkled in with some impromptu “ice bucket” challenges the night came to a roaring successful end. Many like Dlux were already getting ready for their early morning flights with no sleep in site.  sKratchy was already prepping for his Detroit gig.  If New York is the city that never sleeps, DJing is the career of restless nights and an avenue of endless green lights.

While sKratchy departed for Detroit we the male groupies got to relax and enjoy the comped rooms and headed off to said sleepless city where the party level went from 0 to 100 real quick.

To be continued…

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