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Alec Baldwin: The White Man’s Kanye West

aaand twinnns

Everyone has a doppleganger or two in the world. For example, I’ve been told i’m the spitting image of many a celebrity such as John Cho, Data from Goonies, Glenn from The Walking Dead, Yao Ming, Lucy Liu, Lisa Ling, etc, etc. Do I actually look like any of these people? Of course not, but a majority of people aren’t the brightest tool in the shed…or the sharpest light bulb…or something like that. True story, I once had a pack of girls run across busy Main Street in Huntington Beach, CA requesting autographs and wanting to take pictures with me when they mistook me for John Cho during the release of the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I did the only thing I could do…signed and smiled. I’m not here to shatter dreams people.

Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand. Skin tone aside, Alec West and Kanye Baldwin are twins. Not sure if anyone remembers the jingle for Twins the movie when it came to television but it went a little something like this.

“we’re bruddas, identical twins as you can see;
why watch anudda moobie, when you can see two of me!”

Let’s compare the two shall we?

Both extremely talented creatives…check
both enjoy themselves very very much…check
both hate the paparazzi very very much and since Kanye is a rapper let’s call them the Po-Po-Razzi…check
but nothing proves better than photo evidence…
alec baldwin has another fight with paparazzo in
Alec vs Paparazzi

kanye west paparazzi
Yeezy vs Po-Po-Razzi


Alas, I will close with this subliminal shot from Kanye himself from his song Gorgeous:

“Got caught with 30 rocks, the cop look like Alec Baldwin”

Case closed.

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